What We Do

STP IS full-service. We combine the latest technology, craftsmanship, materials, and inspired strategies to Elevate your project to the next level.


Standard Transmission is group of artisans, sculptors, designers, engineers, and tradespeople. Our fabricators combine old-world craft and state-of-the-art processes. From start to finish, a dedicated project manager provides clear communication, a working timeline, flexibility, and direction.


A Look Behind the Scenes at STP



Who We Are

Manu Sawkar, Owner / Chief Technologist

Manu Sawkar, Owner / Chief Technologist

Manu Sawkar, Owner and Chief Technologist of Standard Transmission

Having earned dual degrees from Brown University (BA+BS Computer Engineering and Film Theory/Production), Manu Sawkar's focus has always been at the intersection of technology and visual presentation. Prior to founding Standard Transmission, he was a software engineer in the film industry, a post-production engineer, and a technical director.  Project work for clients included Lucent, Ford, General Motors, VH1, MTV, Lincoln Center, Robert Wilson, and The Louvre.  Among his collaborations, he was part of the team effort which created the 2007 PSA campaign for the Food Bank NYC, which culminated in an cinematography/post-production Emmy nomination. As well, he collaborated with artist David Michalek for his 2008 Bessie Award-winning installation. Manu Sawkar has also taught Photography as an adjunct professor at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). In his spare time, he takes care of two feral cats in Brooklyn.